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1/24 GR Supra LED Full Set. (Japanese version) &1/24 GR Supra LED Full Set. (English version)

1/24 TS050 HYBRID Special Full Set.(LED)

1/12 Honda Monkey125 Full Set

1/24 FORD GT 7point Full Set.+@

1/24 FORD GT Carbon Wheel Set.

1/24 FORD GT 7point Full Set. (Carbon Wheel Set.)

Order Tensama

  Strike of ..awaking.. Ri of special contract of - retail store of wholesale store that handles our commodity. awaking
AUSTRIA TEL+43 0699 18 20 35 42 FAX+43 1 28 27 477
Hortensienweg 8 1220 Vienna Austria, Europe
GARMANY TEL+49 2302 - 698 697 FAX+49 2302 - 698 696
In der Mark 214c 58453 Witten Germany

Handling Tensama is being recruited.

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1-58 Sakaemachi kitagata-cho Motosu-Gun Gifu-Pref 501-0427 JAPAN
Model Making Acu₯Stion

TEL/FAX 058-324-2157

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