Please read the following agreement for use. When TAKENAKA Corporate Group official site (hereafter, this site) is used, it is considered that it agreed to this agreement for use.

Article 1  Agreement of rule

When this site is used, it is considered that it agreed to this agreement for use. Additionally, when specific service of this site is used, it is assumed the one according to various decisions to accompany the guideline concerning service concerned or it besides the privacy policy. It has the above-mentioned regulations of the agreement for use, and these guideline and decision are assumed to be the one same as the agreement for use/equal. Please refrain from the use of this site when it is not possible to agree to this agreement for use or various guidelines. We arbitrarily reedit, add this agreement for use or various guidelines, and assume the one that it is possible to delete it. When use is continued after it reedits it, it is considered that it agreed to the reedition etc.Therefore, we will recommend regularly seeing this agreement for use.

Article 2  Right subject

This site is TAKENAKA Corporate Group. it is managed. Contents offered on this site are protected by the law that can the application of the fundamental law etc. of an intellectual property of Japan. Materials of the text, the image, music, and the drafting, etc. used on this site are TAKENAKA Corporate Group ownership/all book. All trademarks, the service marks, and the trading names are TAKENAKA Corporate Group.  The Uranateki of ..drinking.. Doc ownership thing. The relating element besides all logoes, draftings, artworks, information, and the name is a monopolistic ownership thing of TAKENAKA Corporate Group. It is stiffly prohibited to use it by the purposes other than inspecting these ownership things on this site privately besides the business. All materials like the text included in this site, the image, graphic, and music, etc. prohibit secondary use that doesn't pass approval by the document from TAKENAKA Corporate Group regardless of the purpose, the form or the medium (The technology developed in the future is included). It collides with the copyright of TAKENAKA Corporate Group when using it by other purposes as contents of this site are remodeled. When this site is used, the act of colliding with the law or this agreement for use is prohibited. Moreover, any act of impairing the user who is using other sites and other sites through the use of this site is prohibited. It is prohibited to access it illegally by using the means such as hacking for the computer system and the network on other sites, other accounts, and other sites. It is forbidden to obtain contents and information on this site excluding the means to which this site intends it, and to be tried moreover.

Article 3  Abandonment

We will not do any security of contents published on this site as long as the law that can be applied allows it to its maximum. It is not secured that the wound found on this site is corrected by our company. Moreover, this site or the server doesn't secure it safe from a virus and other harmful involving things. I am afraid that our company cannot secure it for the accuracy of information on this site, credibility, and the result using this site.

Article 4  Limitation of liability

This site might not be limited to it, and never assumes the responsibility in any situation even if specially reported the possibility that such compensation for damages are caused not to be able to use the material of this site, to use, and to cause from the interrelation with this site additionally to the authorized representative on this site and this site for consequential indirectly and happen by accident exemplary damages though contains the case of the fault. Adjustment..method..limitation of liability..exclusion..happen by accident..indirect..compensation for damages..limitation..exclusion..admit..above-mentioned..limitation..exclusion..adjust.The responsibility of any damage, the loss, and the cause of the lawsuit causing this site in any case in everybody by this contract and relating is never asked.

Article 5  Stop of service

When this site is used, it is considered that it agreed to the following items. This site has the right to stop a part of the function of any account or the account used on this site in original discretion. Moreover, this site must have the right to delete the user's account and contribution based on an original judgment. This site discontinues contents of this site regardless of the presence of a prior notification and a part of offer of contents can be discontinued. This rule is applied without a prior notification to the user accessing to this site or your account or partially of the function. This site doesn't assume the responsibility to the user or any third party for these any rules.

Article 6  Conforming method

The breach of any right recorded in this agreement for use doesn't mean the waiver. The conforming method of this agreement for use is assumed to be a Japanese method. All users agree for a Japanese method to be applied about all acts and the law relateds that are caused on this site, and caused from this site. Only the corresponding articles are separated when cannot it be invalid or roughness apply by any reason, and whether either of articles of this agreement for use agree with the law is assumed to be the one that the effectiveness of other articles and the application possibility are not violated.

Article 7  About the dissemination

If licensing agreement is acquired with our company when the business development of any right recorded in this agreement for use is caused by a purpose joint with our company, I will do disseminations of materials of the text used on this site, the image, music, and the drafting, etc. as much as possible.

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