1/12 Ferrari 312T4 Wheel Special Full Set.
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Making of Moving
312T4 Wheel Set.

Parts were displayed.

Detaching of parts No.1

Detaching of parts No.2

Semi-displays parts.

Side etching

Side etching is ground

Row solder putting


Grinding No.1

Grinding No.2


Rear Hub No.1

Rear Hub No.2

Rear Hub No.3

Wheel rim No.1

Wheel rim No.2

Nickel plating

Rivet No.1

Rivet No.2

Front Wheel rim No.1

Front Wheel rim No.2

Front Wheel No.1

Front Wheel Assembly

Rear Wheel Assembly

Front Wheel rim No.3

Front Wheel rim No.4

Wheel stone No.1

Wheel stone No.2

Air valve No.1

Air valve No.2


Front Wheel No.2

Front Wheel No.3

Front Wheel No.4

Front Wheel No.5

Front Wheel Under

Rear Wheel rim No.1

Rear Wheel rim No.2

Rear Wheel Under

Rear Wheel hub No.1

Hole opening

Wheel stone No.3

Wheel stone No.4

Air valve No.3

Rear Wheel hub No.2

Rear Wheel

Front & Rear Wheel No.1

Front & Rear Wheel No.2

Front & Rear Wheel No.3

Front & Rear Wheel No.4

Standard rim No.1

Standard rim No.2

Standard rim No.3

Standard rim No.4

Front & Rear Wheel No.5

Collection Photograph

Collection Set.

Ferrari 312T4
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